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Eli "Mach" Turner
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Nah, I just ate.
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Mage Hunter
Now here was a man. Not a great man, not even a decent one, but a man nonetheless. Standing at six and two he was built like a scrapper, strong and lean without all the chiseling. Had a chiseled jaw though, square chin and rugged pretty boy features as well. A regular heart throb that made the ladies swoon and the guys jealous... until you got to know him probably. He wasn't a bad sort of fellow, but he wasn't a good sort either. Clever and sly with an interest in mischief, or for general purposes your regular sort of douche, but maybe that was just the jadedness from his job.

One wouldn't have guessed it from looking at him but the man was a state certified mage hunter, or an insane idiot by more colloquial terms. Dressed simply and efficiently with decent clothing he didn't mind getting singed away. He never bothered to get too fancy really as there was no point but neither did he let himself get too slummy... because there was nothing worse than getting laughed at by some punk wizard that you wouldn't get paid for if you simply drilled them between the eyes with some lead. Upon his person he carried a bevy of enchanted and outdated items and weapons that supposedly helped him take down inhuman monsters wielding arcane fury. Yeah... don't ask him why he did it, he wasn't sure either. But he was still alive, and usually had both eyebrows so he had to be doing something right... or at least not doing something wrong enough to be final.

And why was the man known as “Mach” one might ask? How did anyone get a nickname… either they got enough people to call them something that had to be better than whatever godforsaken moniker their parents bestowed upon them or some group of pissed drunk buddies came up with it and kept calling someone by it until it just stuck.

Maybe it was a failure on some drunkard’s part to pronounce ‘Match’ properly since the man had burnt down an entire wing of the military academy in his younger days. But then this wouldn’t have figured since Eli: 1. Did it without any sort of match and 2. Only got his first of a number of inmate numbers down in Stockguard Prison for that little stunt as far as he was aware.

Perhaps it was supposed to be short for ‘Machiavellian’ as the man did have a love of stirring trouble and then sitting back and watching the fireworks. But then one had to take into account the sort of people Eli associated with, and he was fairly certain none of them even knew what the word was much less be clever enough to use it as a nickname… certainly when there was such an easier name to remember starting with ‘a’ and ending in ‘hole’ which rhymed lyrically with ‘mast pole.’

Maybe it was supposed to be exactly that… ‘Mach,’ or the speed which the man could run from real trouble when it reared its ugly head. Now let’s get one thing straight, Eli weren’t no chicken. You didn’t get into a field of work that had you going toe-to-toe with someone that could jolt you with lightening, burn you to a crisp, and wash away your ashes with a lovely spring shower all at a whim if you were a chicken. No, there was a much more fitting moniker for one that willing did that. But just because he did something incredibly dangerous and stupid didn’t mean he was stupid enough to stick around when things got incredibly dangerous. But then you don’t get paid to run in that job and so as nice a thought as it may have been sometimes to simply turn tail the man did stick it out more often than not even when he was down on his chips.

Maybe it was someone who mistook him for being Irish? Maybe it was some idiot’s idea of a joke? Maybe it was his? No matter the reason that’s what he was known as and would gladly spin anyone a story for why if they asked… just don’t ask if it’s the truth or not.
And for skills? Besides lying, cheating, cussing, drinking, smoking, womanizing, maninizing, lying, sleeping, eating, playing, humming, and lying? Well, that was just something to be seen...

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