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Vaeluthil Whitevale
Vaeluthil Rosemary Marigold Larkspur Whitevale
Character Race:
Faerie, Sidhe of the Summer Court
With Cael
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
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Place of Origin:
The Sleeping Forest, Faerie
A princess in self-imposed exile, what began as a daring escape from the Winterlands turned into an extended reprieve in a stone manor on a high cliff for Vaeluthil Whitevale, Lady of Rosemary and Marigolds, third daughter of the Erlking and second child of the Lady of the Spring Vale. It was easy to hide when you no longer looked like yourself, or at least like your grown self. It’s simple to overlook a child after all. But as she settled into comfortable complacency, protected by the high walls of the Seaside Manor, the winter-wilted flower bloomed once more until she was ablaze with fiery red hair and bright mismatched eyes. No matter how she grew, she never quite stretched above the 4’10” mark though, doomed by stunted stature and petite, delicate bone structure. Safe in her respite, she blossomed into a fierce protector herself, though that came with a little help from a cadre of close confidantes including her (eventually ordained) Knight, Cael. She could pass for sixteen, maybe seventeen if you catch world weary smile that glimmers just beneath the customary beaming grins she dons so easily. The wings she wore so well once upon a time remain cloaked under a heavy glamour, still present but invisible to most. The rare times that they are on display, they are a sunspun gold, somewhere between butterfly and dragonfly in structure but fletched like well worn arrows, very evidently damaged in a way that not even Sidhe magics can repair. As her time in Seaside comes to a close, a new chapter begins…

22nd Baron of Seaside
Reign: 1,214 days
Longest Single Reign: Seaside
3rd Longest Single Reign: All Baronies
6 Defenses (2 by test, 4 without test)
Ingesting copious amounts of sugar, staff/sword swinging, adventuring, biomancy, politicking, doodling, pretending

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