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Proven Adventurer
Proven Adventurer
Charlie Nine
Charlie Nine
Character Race:
Almost human
When he wanted to be found, it was likely the dueling venues or Triple A MMA
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
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He was nobody, or so he'd remind the rare few who asked too many questions, and looked the part.

An inch or two shy of a full six feet and limber, he hid more defined muscle between loose fitting clothing; the same three utilitarian outfits that were slowly becoming stitched beyond practicality and a busted pair of Chuck Taylor knock-offs that had more duct tape than canvas holding them together.

There was a certain amount of awkward charm in his smile, which was given often and didn't always reach his eyes. A poker faced expression that might have disconcerted those who payed enough of the right attention. There was a vicious intelligence hidden behind twin dark pools, not always looking but still taking in so much. Filing it all away for future use.

Outside of the rings, he didn't like to be touched and when not properly engaged socially, showed a propensity towards spending that intervening playing with paper and folding it into something more interesting.

It was a good exercise in manipulation.

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