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Mataya De Luca
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Westbourne Avenue or Black Cat Yoga and Dance Studios, Zen Building ... or the Shanachie Theater
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Character Portrait
Actress. Singer. Dancer. Director. Producer. Dance Instructor. Manager. Theatre Owner. Exhausted.
Born of a dancer and an actor, Mataya De Luca has performing in her blood. With an impressive array of acting, dancing and singing credits to her name, she has also branched out into directing and producing on the stage and on screen.

Possessed of a self-confidence borne of her personal success, she walks tall for a woman of her stature, for she has only 5 feet and 4 inches to her form. With dark eyes and a complexion that runs to olive-dusk, she is blessed with a waving mane of dark hair to match it, no longer indulging in the youthful pursuit of the perfect blonde.

Her lineage is Italian American, the slightest trace of an accent placing her firmly in Brooklyn, New York, though she has travelled many places in her work.
A trained dancer, actor, and singer, Mataya has made use of her talents wisely, and in so doing has set herself up in a situation where she may use the money she has acquired to her own tastes. And those tastes have brought her to RhyDin.

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Life's like a play; it's not the length but the excellence of the acting that matters.