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Velen Ilnaren
Velen Ilnaren
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human (with talents)
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Character Portrait
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somewhere else
student of human nature
he young man appears to be around 30 years old and retains his lean frame. Blue-grey eyes peer out from below dark brown bangs, and smiles come easily to his face. He is often the "quiet one" of his circle of friends, though he'll cheer as loudly as anyone when he's favoring someone in the dueling rings.

His relationship with Doran Ilnaren is clear enough to anyone who sees the two of them together, especially now that Doran is in his teen years. Velen is quite fond of his "little brother" and has tried to help him settle into his adolescence. He is also very close with his "aunt" Azure, since (like her) he has come to this iteration of Rhy'din from somewhere similar and yet different.

Recently he was accepted as a music teacher at the Kabuki Street Community School.
He has a knack for handling animals, and is rather approachable.

Whereas his younger self seems to be taking the path of acting and the theatre, Velen turned to music as an outlet. His skill with flutes and similar instruments is considerable, and he enjoys duets with Pearl on the violin. He has also grown quiet skilled with the saxophone, guitar, standing and electric bass, piano and bodhran.

((OOC: Velen is an elder version of Doran Ilnaren from the future an alternate timeline. He uses the pseudonym to avoid confusion.))

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