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Cooper Gallows
Cooper Gallows
Character Race:
The Caelum Manor guest cottage or wandering
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Character Portrait
Place of Origin:
Wyoming born, Virginia raised
Sentinel of the Winter Gate
Cooper Gallows wasn’t a pretty man, but ruggedly handsome in the way mountains were majestic. Nearly seven feet in cowboy boots, broad across the shoulders and robust in frame, with thick limbs layered in heavy, fleshy muscle. He was rough and tumble and rustic, as unkempt as scrub brush on alpine knolls that hid the polish beneath, possessed of all the dangerous possibility but perhaps worth the approach or the attempt. Some people loved a challenge, right? Depthless eyes were easy to get lost in and weren’t for the faint of heart, too dark on the best of days where the warm chocolate brown of ursine roots had gone the penumbral black of impenetrable shadows.

He was half animal, half man. It revealed itself in his aura, though in no discernible detail, and sometimes in the way he moved. A slow purpose in his movements and lumbering strides or the way he looked at things with a slightly upturned nose, as if to scent things out amongst the minutiae and nuance. The cowboy was both of those things and something more as much as he was something tragically less. Trunk-like arms that had once been sheathed in vibrant, enticing color had faded to a dark, smoky black, but still shifted subtly when seen in the peripheral vision of passersby.

It was the crooked smile of his that disarmed, the predominant trait in a set of mannerisms that painted him a gentleman and cheeky in an ever shifting slide from one end of the spectrum to the other and back. More often than not he was approachable on his good days, aloof on the bad. Rarer still, he was a growl and a harsh string of words on his worst. That the good days outnumbered the bad and that the bad outnumbered the worst said to the intuitive that he was raking through the shadows of what he had become to find the man he was, even if the amount of effort ebbed and flowed.


There was a time when the Wyld ran through his veins like a fire through a droughted wheat field, intense and unstoppable. All of Bear's gifts were his for the claiming, drawing upon the Mother and Cub as their ever reluctant supplicant to all but move mountains in his guardianship of the Unusual Awakenings caern. Cooper was one of Gaia’s dauntless warrior-healers, blessed by Luna and Helios both, and hospitaler stewarded to sacred ground. An earthen knight in denim blue and Stetson black.

No more.

The right choices weren’t always the wisest choices, so said history when the heart and the head are at war. The heart won and the cowboy lost his soul for the saving of another’s. It was worth it, he’d say, even when the fine print laid him low. The politics of the Fera took much from him, but Mangi’s Due robbed him of even more. The Winter Gate had become his charge, including and especially what lay within. Things were meant to stay there and didn’t always oblige; the powers it took to contain them diminished him and the rules he broke in the face of thankless duty only took more, no matter how much entreaties given to the earth or sky.

How much time was left?

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