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Uriko Belarus
Uriko Belarus
The Family's Estate
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Character Portrait
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She doesn't remember
Works At the Alley cat Club, As a waitress/performer
She has a tiny build, her clothes are whatever she likes to wear. Proud of her extremely long hair that she keeps managed, she is simply a beautiful sight. A very pure soul with the heart of a child, She tries to be the most loving kind, caring person to everyone she meets. Her bright blue eyes are piercing, drawing onlookers from far away.
There is more to this young spunky girl then everyone may think, or she likes to show. Though she only wishes to have fun in the duel areas and not cause anyone harm, She is a fiesty little fighter. Considering she dislikes to punch anyone to hard, or actually use a real weapon, her skills may seem to be limited. Perhaps when she is ready to show everyone what she is made of she will?

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