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Seasoned Adventurer
Seasoned Adventurer
Aristotle Kruger Allen
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The Anvil
Character Race:
Equal parts: Deep Dwarf, High Elf, Tribal Human, Selkie. True neutral alignment.
Kruger's Exotic Weapons Armor & Leather
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
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FC: Sergi Constance
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Maker of exotic weapons.
His stature is affected by the shortened nature of his dwarven heritage. He tops the scale at 5’6” but that human strength manages to fill out his frame. He weighs in at 274 pounds, heavy through the shoulders arms and chest due to his work in the forge. His dark hair is kept at finger length in an effort to stay cooler within the forge.

Amber eyes peer at you from his face, the left eye rests over an old brand. The wolf holding the all-seeing-eye in its mouth was placed there by his master, Grimm. It was meant to go on his chest over his heart but when Kruger refused it, Grimm burned it into his ten year old face. Whip scars line his back, Kruger never seemed to know when to hold his tongue.

Often seen wearing his leather smith apron, and sooty as though just taking a break from the forge. Will often be seen carrying weapons that have been ordered by clients.

Dark Heart:

A long handled light warhammer. Its haft twists upwards towards the head. Carved into the haft is an exact representation of the singularity at the center of the Dark Horse Nebula. Closer inspection would reveal that every carved line is really a mathematical formula in numbers almost too small to read.

The head of the hammer is carved into the shape of a clockwork heart, pierced by a large spike, its point wicked and hardened. The heart itself is hollow, occupied by a micro black hole that rotated within. Its power is held in check by a crystalline layers permeating the head of the hammer like veins of ore through a mountainside. The crystalline layers glow, empowered by the gamma radiation emitted from the singularity. The metal is an alloy foreign to Rhy’Din, and he isn’t telling where it came from.

The weapon’s weight is far greater than its size would seem to indicate, a side effect of the mass generated by the contained singularity. That added mass delivers devastating blows, though it takes more strength than normal simply to lift the hammer, let alone wield it with any proficiency.

The singularity needs to feed in order to live and grow. This can be done safely, or it can turn a battlefield into an abyss.


24th Ring of Klytus holder 2012
56th Keeper of Earth December 16, 2022
5th Terra Master February 4th, 2023

Team Captain – The Rock Hards
2013 – Fly Weight – 1W 3L
2014 – Captain of the Year
2014 – Middle Weight – 2W 2L

Free Agent – Royal Pain
2016 – Heavy Weight – 0W 1L

Team Dirty
2017 - Flyweight 2W 2L

Captain - The Rock Hards
2020 - Fly Weight - 0w 3L
2021 - Captain of the year* (one of two)
2022 - PowerHouse - 3W 2L

Lifetime - 23 bouts - 10W 13L - PDPB -0.74

Team Captain – The Rock Hards
2015 – 3W 2L

18 Jan 2017 – 36th holder of the Panther’s Claw
18 Apr 2017 – 37th holder of the Panther’s Claw
2nd Ever back to back PC holder
11 May 2017 – Emerald
11 June 2017 – 47th holder of the Opal MoonBeryl
4th Ever to gain an Opal while still holding PC
28 Jan 2023 - 54th holder of the Opal PathFinder
11 May 2023 - 54th holder of the Opal ShadoWeaver
Within his forges he is the master. The entire place has acted as an extension of his thoughts and body. This comes from his absolute mastery over this environment. It has taken decades for him to find the formulae that he uses to make Great Weapons. At 35 he has been working in the forge for most of his life. Apprenticeship started at 7 giving him nearly three decades of experience.

There are seven elements which go into his crafting empowered weapons. Four of these are innate racial abilities that are joined in equal parts within Kruger. Air and fire, Water and Earth, they sit at the compass points of his circle. These physical elements are necessary for any crafting, but the great weapons require more. He uses Spirit, Time, Energy, and Songs to create these custom pieces.

Outside the forge his innate abilities are severely muted. He would never turn those things on another, despite how much they might deserve it. He is strictly a fighter outside who happens to carry a gravitic nightmare of a weapon which he created, with a little help from Hope former Keeper of Fire.
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