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Doran Ilnaren
Doran Ilnaren
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Stardreamer Manor
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Character Portrait
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actor, musician, occasional duelist
The firstborn child of Ebon and Phen Ilnaren, he has made it through the school-age years and had his 18th birthday in April 2019. Doran shows signs of his father's features, but has his mother's eyes. His hair was always slightly lighter than that of his parents, more of a dark brown rather than black, but over time it has lightened further. He dresses simply most of the time, because "it's comfy!" and also because he doesn't want to mess up his nice clothes.
Doran is a strong empath, able to feel and manipulate the emotions and senses of others, both sentient and non-sentient animals. He is also a surprisingly skilled medium, able to commune easily with the spirits of the dead. He has a knack for handling animals, and enjoys helping out around the stables and fields at homr.

Despite all of his gifts that could easily overwhelm him, Doran is generally a most cheerful young man. He is always ready with a big grin to share in laughter or a soft and gentle smile in quieter moments. For those in need of comfort, he gives excellent hugs and offers a ready ear and a shoulder for crying as needed.

Years of performing at the Shanachie Theater and training with the Shanachie STARS have helped him develop considerable talent as an actor and singer. He also indulges in the occasional duel, and has been training at the Harker Academy for years, whenever he could fit in a session or two.

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