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Mairead Harker
Mairead Harker
Custom Title:
'Baby' Baroness
Character Race:
Harkers' Island
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Art Credits:
Portrait Art is © 2013 to the player of Katt Batten. The Avatar is actress Kristin Kreuk in Earthsea.
Character Age:
17 years
Teacher, Dance and Dueling Instructor, Lady Knight Marshal of Navarra
Standing about five feet nine inches tall, Maggie has dark hair and hazel eyes that lean toward green or gold.

Born on March 17, 2006, Maggie is the daughter of Dennis and Rhiannon Harker.

She is often accompanied by one or several of the following creatures:
A ghostly Great Pyrenes named Falcor after a luck dragon in a favorite story.
A black Great Pyrenes named Misty.
A black dragon (currently about the size of an eagle) with prismatic wings named Sparks.
Gifted with animal communication, both verbal and empathic. Skilled horsewoman. Magically inclined. Was a performer as part of the Shanachie Stars and with other members of the theater's acting troupe and ballet company. Maggie is currently assisting with the Shanachie STARS dancing classes.

She often uses a polar bear form when dueling.

Maggie is a polyglot, she picks up languages easily and is known to understand and speak several variations of Irish, Greek (modern and ancient), French, and Spanish. Having had access to three extensive private libraries and several smaller ones for much of her life, she learned several other languages including Russian, Yautja, and Sindarin.

Experienced DoS, DoM, and DoF duelist; third generation.

Titles held:
Squire of Seaside - 2014-12-14
32nd Baron of Old Temple
24th and 26th Baron of Old Market
32nd Baron of Dragon's Gate
46th Keeper of Earth
37th Keeper of Water
Opal: PathFinder
75th Archmage

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