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Isuelt DeRomiano (Issy to most, Iz to those who know her best)
Character Race:
Human...or at least she used to be. The rest is being figured out as she goes.
Most likely Batten Tower or her apartment at Toujours le Vert
Character Portrait:
Character Portrait
Character Age:
Old enough to know better.
Place of Origin:
Po'ert Sound
Working for Batten Industries. Ex-Scathachian General.
At 5'11" Issy is not the tallest person in the room, though she often has a few inches on the females. Her frame is anything but delicate; she is well-toned with a strong, athletic build. She possesses deep espresso hair along with now dark crimson eyes. Her skin is bronzed from her time out of doors.

These days she is not dressed in what most would find 'usual' for her. Nowadays, she dresses in the customary 'modern' styles that befit her new position: jeans, button-down blouses, sweaters, blazers and on the odd chance, black tactical wear or a Batten Industries t-shirts or jacket.

Clean and sober, her skin and her eyes are brighter than usual, and her disposition is less sour than it once was.
Trained since the age of eight in double swords, the chakram, and the bow. She also excels at hand to hand combat; many others have called her more of a weapon than any she could carry. While her days of Scathachian combat may be behind her now, her instincts and skill in all that that Order taught her are as honed as ever.

These days it is not uncommon to catch a glimpse of a small sidearm, usually her 22, under a jacket. Isuelt has had to embrace the modern ways of Batten Industries, and while it has been a steep learning curve, anyone who knows her, knows she loves a challenge.

She has taken on her new life and her position at Batten Tower as a personal renaissance; and she is all the better for it.

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Isuelt DeRomiano
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