The 89th Overlord

Chris Graziano

As a result of a Third Place finish in the June 2012, Spring Cycle Warlord Tournament, first place being Sartan who declined his prize and second place being Kheldar, who chose the Baronial Challenge, Chris used the Overlord challenge to take on Ellisa Morgan in what was a veritable slew of challenges from their group, The Wrecking Crew.

In an effort to counter all reports that he was Pudgy, Portly, Stout, or just plain an Overweight, Out of Shape Has-been, he issued his challenge to the Overlord, without knowing who she was. Ellisa readily accepted it and they met in the ring with the Overlord choosing a single match. It may have served her better to go for a best-of-three, because at the end of 8rds, Chris Graziano had defeated Ellisa by the score of 5-3 and regained the title of Overlord. Four Barons immediately chose to align Renegade with only one going Loyal. The other two followed up by going Renegade and Loyal shortly thereafter.

If you ran into a long-time veteran of the Arena, the Outback or TDL, they could likely tell you vivid stories of the brash, cocky and talented clique known as the Wrecking Crew. The Graziano family-led Crew wreaked havoc on the titled ranks and the TDL rankings, claiming multiple honors...and letting everyone, especially the press, know all about it. However, the clock keeps on ticking, and when the Graziano clan re/emerged onto the scene in 2012, they found themselves sharing gossip column space with a new group of talented young guns: Team Beat Down. Despite the two cliques having a lot in common(or perhaps because of it), they mixed like oil and water, and an Overlord Challenge in the summer of 2012 was the culmination of it.

Shortly after Chris Graziano defeated long-standing Overlady Ellisa Morgan to win the mantle of Supreme Duelist, he issued the Overlord's Grant to his Crewmate and long-time wife, Ria Graziano; whether or not she gave him the couch he asked for is not recorded. Ria used the Grant to challenge Team Beat Down leader Candy Hart for Battlefield Park. After Candy's emerged victorious, she turned around and retaliated by challenging Chris for the title of Overlord. On the night of the challenge, the Overlord selected former Overlady Teagan Rielea as his champion in a Test of Worthiness; Candy responded by using recent Warlady and fellow Beat/Downer Terry King.

King rapidly built a dominating lead, utilizing a judicious use of parries and a successful tri/cut to get one half-point away of a shutout. Teagan battled back to avoid that embarrassment, but ducked into a King strike to lose the Right of Challenge duel, 5.5-2 in in 10 rounds. The Overlord and Baroness now stepped into the challenge ring, opening with a seesaw duel which ended when Candy fought her way to a 4.5-2 lead. A successful thrust out of Chris's baseball bat gave him a third point in the next round, but the gap was too much. Candy struck underneath a Chris Graziano midline defense to become the 90th Overlord of the Duel of Swords, 5.5-3 in 10 rounds.

As was her right as a successful defender of the Right of Challenge, Terry King received Battlefield Park as a reward and aligned Loyal. Of the other Barons present, Imp aligned Loyal while Jaycynda Alexander aligned Renegade.

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