The 86th Overlord

Aya Hayashibara

The day after his successful tenth defense against Rand, Overlord Imp posted a notice on the boards that he was quitting the Overlordship to focus more on the family business. With the mantle left vacant it was up to a tournament of Barons to decide who would become the 86th Overlord of the Duel of Swords. Four Barons showed up to compete, including Neo Eternity, Rand alTan, Aya Hayashibara, and Wyheree Ravenlock g'Ark'Hiradan. Interestingly enough all the Barons in attendance for the tournament had pressed challenge to Imp previously, with a total of six challenges between them. Imp officiated the tournament which saw Aya square off against Wyheree in the finals. Wyheree managed to come out of the Loser's Bracket and defeat Aya in the first match, 5-4 in 10 rounds. The second duel was even more intense as the two combatants traded the lead six times at match point before Aya eventually scored with a high blow over Wyh's brace, ending the match at 8-6.5 after 14 rounds, making Aya the newest Overlord.

Aya's first challenge came from a familiar source, that of Renegade Baron Rand 'alTan, whom Aya had defeated in the first round of the Baron's Tournament she won to claim the mantle. Aya responded to Rand's challenge by issuing the Overlord Grant to the previous Overlord, Imp, her intention being to have him remove Rand's Barony from him if she successfully defended the mantle. The Overlady opted for a single duel to determine a winner, and it was Rand who jumped out to a quick lead, 2.5-0 after the first three rounds. After seven rounds Rand was on the cusp of victory with a 4.5-2 lead, but Aya secured the next three points and took the lead at the most critical juncture. A simple circular parry against Rand's attack cemented the win for Aya after 13 rounds, with a score of 5.5-4.5 in her favor.

Aya's second challenge came from the Winter Warlord Tournament winner, Evan Rush Rynth. Once scheduled the Overlord decided upon a single match to determine a winner. Evan opened quickly with the first two points and achieved match point after five rounds, leading 4-2. But Aya rallied back with a series of adroit defensive maneuvers that eventually brought the score to Sudden Death in round eight. After two stalled rounds Aya managed to complete the comeback with a piercing thrust below Evan's higher cut to once more defend the mantle, 5-4 in 11 rounds.

Aya's third challenge came from now Warlord Rand again. Rand gained sponsorship from the Renegade Baron Kalamere, allowing Rand to press the challenge. Much like previous challenges, the Overlord proved successful in holding off the Warlord and retained her hold on the title in a single match format.

Aya's fourth challenge came from another repeat challenger, only this time, Evan Rush Rynth was turned into an undead minion of the Baron, Deathlord, who gave sponsorship so the Warlord could press the challenge. In an unusual turn of events, the Overlady elected to have a Champion, the Baroness of Old Market, Ellisa Morgan, who was to Test the newly-undead Warlord. His Sponsor, the Baron of New Haven, the one known as Deathlord, stepped in to do battle with the Baroness, but was defeated in 8 rounds, by a score of 5-3. Ellisa Morgan then did battle with Evan Rush Rynth, and in a long, tightly-held contest, the Baroness defeated the Warlord in 14 rounds, by a score of 5-3.5-thus securing the continuation of the reign of Hayashibara Aya.

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