The 83rd Overlord

Anubis Karos

After defeating Teagan to become the 83rd Overlord, Anubis awarded his former Barony to Vanion Shadowcast, who championed him against the former Overlady's Test of Worthiness. Anubis quickly came under challenge by Baron Tormay Eludes. When time for the fight to occur came, Anubis decided that he would test the Baron with a TDL celebrity named Deathlord. But Tormay was prepared for this eventuality and countered with Warlord Neo Eternity. However in attendance was Renegade Baroness Rena Cronin, who used her right to step in against Deathlord, thus taking Neo out of the picture.

While the match lasted twelve rounds, the fact that Deathlord was a commoner factored heavily into the length of the match, as he had no skilled maneuvers to utilize. What he lacked in skill he made up for in patience, and he defeated the Baroness by the score of 5-2. Baron Tormay fared worse off, though, as Deathlord took 9 rounds to defeat the Renegade Baron by the score of 5-1, which allowed the Commoner to issue immediate challenge to Tormay, just by defending the Overlords title.

The Winner of the Quarterly Warlord Tournament, Ticallion Carter issued his challenge to Anubis via lawyer. The challenge was validated, accepted and fought in a best-of-three format chosen by the Overlord, who expressed pleasure at the opponent who would face him.

His smile would fade after the first match, however. The Overlord took that first match by the score of 5-4 in Seven rounds, yet fortune did not look on him as the Warlord was victorious in the 14 round second match, winning 6.5-5 and then the 8 round third match, defeating Anubis 5-3 to end his reign.

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