The 57th Overlord

Max Quinlan Blue

After taking out the competition in the Warlord's tournament, Max Quinlan Blue used his first place prize to challenge Overlord Chris Graziano. In a surprising move, the challenge was settled in a one-duel format. In that match, Max took the early lead and never looked back. In ten short rounds, Max became the fifty-seventh Overlord with a 5-3 win.

Immediately upon winning the match, every Baron present at the match declared himself or herself renegade. After one weeks time, Max had only one loyal Baron out of thirteen. He also had promises from many of them that challenges would be coming shortly. The Barons that declared their intent included G'nort Talanador, Shakira, Cletus Ganderfald, as well as three members of the recently disposed Overlord's Wrecking Crew, Bode BoJangles, Ticallion Carter, and Cory Havoick.

As promised, Max's first challenge came almost immediatly. However, it was not from a member of the Wrecking Crew, but from long time Baron G'nort Dragoon Talanador. With a long que lining up behind G'nort, Max made every attempt to complete the challenge with complete haste so that others waiting could have their shot. The matches that followed were completed with the same amount of swiftness as the scheduling. Max remained in control for most of the eighteen total rounds; split between two duels. After building a quick 4-0 lead in the first match, Max survived a late rally by G'nort to take the first duel 5-3 in nine rounds. G'nort held his ground much longer in the second, as the two remained tied after six rounds. Max was only able to pull away at the end and retain his title with a 5-2 victory in nine rounds.

Ticallion Carter was next to issue challenge to Max, completing the promise he had made when Chris Graziano lost the crown. However, upon learning that Baroness Shakira had kidnapped Max's girlfriend Paige Ramirez, he withdrew his challenge to allow Max and Shakira to settle their matter.

So not long after Ticallion withdrew, challenge was issued to Max from Shakira. Unbeknown to Max at the time of the challenge, Paige was freed from captivity several nights earlier. This was not revealed to Max until after he and Shakira had stepped into the ring. And they did not step into the ring at the beginning of the evening. Before they met, two Test of Worthiness duels had to be decided. The first pitted Max's tester, Warlord Jaycynda Ashleana, against Shakira's champion, Anubis Karos. In a stunning six round shut out, Jaycynda had eliminted the Right to Challenge and forced Shakira into battle herself.

The second match of the evening was not nearly as short, nor as lopsided. In a very close fourteen round match, where leads were upset many times, Shakira defeated Jaycynda 5-4 and forced Max into the ring. In the end, Shakira showed the more dominate performance and defeated Max, 5-2 in seven rounds to claim the crown. Max received the vacated Fifth Baronial ring and vowed to use it to pester Shakira until she was removed.

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