The 52nd Overlord

Arithon Falessen

Warlord Arithon Falessen issued challenge to Overlady Dalila shortly after her ascension to the crown. Despite the speed at which the challenge was issued, Arithon still showed the utmost respect in issuing it. The two met in a very entertaining match that had ups and downs for both duelists. Arithon was able to take the first match, 5-3 in seven rounds, but Dalila bounced back to tie the series with a 5-2 win in nine rounds. After a brief intermission, Arithon went on to dominate the final match, scoring a 5-0 shut out in seven rounds. Following the match, Arithon was crowned the 52nd Overlord of the Duel of Swords.

Shortly after Arithon was victorious, Baron of the Ninth, Cassius Maximius, issued challenge to him. However, controversy arose when, during the course of a challenge for the Thirteenth ring, Arithon banished Baron Drachen to renegade. In return, Drachen challenged Arithon. The matter arose some controversy as to not only who's challenge took precedence, but how long a banished loyal has to issue a challenge after being banished and when exactly a banishment is official.

Nych DeGrylington made the final ruling. He ruled that in order for the banishment to be official, the standings keeper must receive a letter sent from either the Overlord, or an official who had been asked to include the banishment in a challenge report. Following that letter, the Baron will receive a reasonable amount of time to press his immediate challenge.

The ruling would only stand as a precedent, however, as Drachen quietly withdrew his challenge a few days later.

The original match between Arithon and Cassius went on. In a rare move, Arithon opted for a single match to determine who was worthy to hold the crown after the night's end. And that man would be Arithon as he was able to best Cassius in eight rounds, 5-3. Following the match, Cassius petitioned Arithon for loyalty and was denied.

Arithon's next match came from runner up in the first quarter Warlord Tournament of 2003. Ironically, the challenge came from the newest Warlord at the time, Goon. Goon had only been a Warlord for a few weeks when he issued challenge. Once more Arithon elected to hold the challenge is a single match format. However this time, it was to be his downfall. In one of the shortest Overlord matches ever, Goon defeated Arithon in six short rounds by a score of 5-2.

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