The 47th Overlord


A Warlord challenging for the crown with peer wins were certainly a rarity. The last time such a situation had occurred was when Gunthar O'dwyer challenged Zen Rising. When Sartan challenged Ralez, it was the first time a Warlord challenged with peer wins in over two years.

When it came time for the match to commence, Ralez chose for the two to meet in a best-of-three. Those present at the match watched Sartan open out to a strong 4-1 lead in the opening match, and then witnessed Ralez's strong comeback to tie the score at four points apiece. However, Ralez's luck ran out in the tenth round as Sartan plunged his sword, Vengeance, into Ralez to score the final point.

After a brief pause, the start of the second match was delayed slightly as speculation arose as to weather or not Sartan was able to continue. It was reported by the officiator that Sartan's blade Vengeance seemed to have a hold upon him and was causing excessive damage to him. Regardless, the second match began, and Sartan once again opened the match with a 4-1 lead. After Ralez landed a cut to bring himself within two points, it became apparent that Sartan's condition was failing. Ralez requested a break that the official promptly agreed to. Sartan appealed for the match to continue and after hearing from various people at ringside that it could be worse for Sartan not to continue, the official began the match again. Two rounds later, the match was completed as Sartan thrusted under Ralez's attack.

Concerns about Sartan's health were high when he fell unconscious after the match, and many people called for him to destroy Vengeance.

With Vengeance by his side, Sartan met his first challenge. Baron of the Fifth, Drey Starke, once more pressed a challenge to the Overlord. In a move that was becoming very commonplace when Drey challenged, Sartan opted to use the Test of Worthiness. The man he asked to perform it was the top-ranking Warlord at the time that went by the name "Hood". Unaligned Baron of the Thirteenth, Drachen, stepped forward to champion Drey's cause. However, since he was listed on the standings as unaligned, he was denied the opportunity. Drey stepped into the ring against Hood, and Hood promptly denied Drey his chance at the crown again, with a 5-2 in seven round win. The Hood then issued his immediate challenge for Drey's ring. In a slightly longer match, the Hood was once again able to overcome Drey's blade and become the new Baron of the Fifth by a score of 5-2 in ten rounds.

To make the night more interesting, The Hood declared himself Renegade to the Overlord he had just defended. Only days later, once the standings were posted showing the results of the challenge, The Hood added even more irony to the situation by challenging Sartan.

When Sartan accepted the challenge, he stated that he would not be testing the Baron, but that he wished to make an example of him. Sartan also asked that the community turn out to witness the match. And for those who did turn out, they certainly got their money's worth. The challenge was fought in a single match where Sartan opened up to a quick 4-2 lead. The challenger made a fierce comeback, rallying to defeat Sartan in eight rounds, 5-4. That was not the final surprise of the evening however. After his victory, he Hood pulled back his hood to reveal his true identity. The hood was Sartan's long time friend, the 28th Overlord of the Duel of Swords, and a man long thought dead, Dalamar Ar'Daumon. His return came as a shock to many in the Arena that evening. Sartan eagerly accepted the Fifth ring, declaring himself loyal to his friend.

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