The 4th Overlord


Xenograg's reign as Overlord began with his defeat of the long-standing Overlord Falon. After Xenograg had claimed victory, Falon refused to yield the title he had lost and was subsequently killed by Xenograg.

Fantasy RC instructed many duelists over his long teaching career, and one of his students was Xenograg. Thus, when the two met in the title ring, it was a highly anticipated affair. It is often said that a teacher's greatest joy is seeing his student surpass him. One can only hope that RC experienced that joy when he was defeated for Xenograg's first defense.

Xenograg's second challenge came from a familiar foe. The recently-revived Falon was after revenge for his earlier defeat. However, Xenograg once more proved his worth and defended his Overlordship a second time.

In his third defense, Juan Sanches Villalobos Ramirez defeated Xenograg. Following the match, Xenograg's reputation was marred by the disrespectful treatment of Ramirez by one of Xenograg's students. Despite a public apology to Ramirez, a previously-friendly rivalry became very personal as ill feelings remained.

Xenograg challenged Ramirez to a rematch immediately following the conclusion of the first challenge. Since another duelist was already in the queue to challenge, however, Xenograg was forced to wait.

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