The 20th Overlord

Gnimish Gnimoi

When Gnimish Gnimoi defeated Feadur to become Overlord--or Overgnome--of the Duel of Swords, it began what was one of the more eventful, though not more popular, reigns the Duels have known. Within the week his first challenge came, from Renegade Baron Ian MacKenzie. When the date came for the two to meet, however, it was not Gnimish but Warlord Billy Ray Karnafexx who stepped into the ring. Baron Kalamere Ar'Din stepped in on behalf of MacKenzie against the Overlord's Champion, and succeeded in defending Ian's right to challenge. The original match, Baron versus Overlord, went through, and in the end Gnimish retained his title.

It was the last time Gnimish would raise his sword in defense of his title, though far from the last time he was challenged. When the Warlord Ambrosius Skylark came against the Overlord, Dalamar Ar'Daumon offered to champion Gnimish in the match. However, the gnome stuck with his previous champion, Karnafexx, to Test his friend and Challenger. This time MacKenzie interceded on behalf of the Challenger, but neither he nor Ambrosius was able to stand against the Overlord's sap-gloved Champion. In protest of the gnome's repeated use of the Test, Baron of the Sixth Torquillian Aspendale declared himself Renegade.

The protest made no difference in the Overgnome's policies. When Renegade Baron Athlstan challenged next, both he and Baron Daegarth Mithmellon, who stepped in on his behalf, fell to Karnafexx's sap gloved fists. It seemed unlikely that any Challenger would be able to defeat the Champion and Overlord both.

And no one ever did. Warlord Dazing Hard brought challenge against the Overgnome next, but never faced either Gnimish or Billy Ray. Controversy arose around the challenge, the specifics of which have not been recorded, and Gnimish retired the title rather than face the challenger. The Warlord's peer wins were restored to him, and a Baron's Tourney arranged to decide the new Overlord.

As a last note of interest, the first ever Commoner's Tourney was held during Gnimish's reign. The victor, Legendazna, reigned as Honorary Overlord from November sixteenth through November nineteenth, with all the rights and privileges therein.

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