The 16th Overlord

Kalamere Ar'Din

(Will edit these further soon)


Kalamere Xenograg

duck thrust

thrust low cut

high cut fancy lateral parry

low cut fancy sidestep

fancy duck fancy lateral parry

thrust low cut

low cut high cut

and there you have it... Kalamere over Xeno in 7 rounds...


Resplendent in the classic crimson and gold, Siera Red of Cadonia, wielder of Bane, faced the

Overlord Kalamere, in blue and silver with his legendary twin silver daggers, recently in a battle

that will not be soon forgotten. Ten rounds of excellent dueling proving that both of the duelers

were evenly matched and in great form. The Great Hall was packed to the rafters with the

spectators and many folks were unable to see clearly for the press of people. It was also a time

for some of the very oldest of duelers to come out of the woodwork such as MeMonk and the

well-loved Jade One.

Indeed Red even dedicated the duel to the memory of the late Gondar whom we've all heard so

much about. A favorite of the innkeeper, Kairee if you'll remember. She was seconded by

Renegade (at that time) Dark Elf Feadur, and her lady of honor was Dona Graciana Allegra

DiSanti. Kalamere's lady of honor was the lady Merewynn (spelled right this time, I would hope)

and he was seconded by Loyal Baron GldenSword. A good time seemed to be had by most with

the fans being about even on who they wanted to win, which is always refreshing. Even this

reporter was hard pressed to choose a favorite between the two duelists, as they are both

excellent duelers, and nice folk as well.

Here are the rounds:

Kalamere Siera Red

low cut low cut

thrust thrust

low cut fancy duck

high cut high cut

fancy circular parry fancy sidestep

thrust fancy circular parry

fancy circular parry thrust

high cut lateral parry

sidestep low cut

Whoa. What a duel. They were tied after seven rounds which led this reporter to ponder what

would happen if an Overlord match went to 15 without a clear winner? Should there be two

Overlords? Or would they continue to fight until there was a clear winner? Interesting question.

Baron Alignments: All the barons chose or were assigned loyalists but Aspendale, who declaring

his hatred for the Dark Elf, his race, and the way in which Feadur stood up for Siera Red against

Fantasy RC in the duel reported by Hedda, chose to align himself renegade.

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