The 115th Overlord

Nat Candle

Though it took a bit of delay due to the banishment of Jonn Revelator, former Baron of New Haven, Warlord Tournament Winner Nat Candle was finally able to step into the ring and face off against Matthew Simon. The Overlord elected to fight the match in best two out of three and under the watchful gaze of Claire Gallows, Baroness of Dockside, did they begin their dance. Nat gained a heavy lead against the Overlord by scoring 3 uncontested points, but this would only last until Matt found his footing and gained two points of his own. While Nat saw luck return to him and the first of the duels brought to match point with a score of 4 to 2, the Overlord saw to it that the first would come to sudden death by bringing it 4 to 4. Luck, or skill, remained on Nat's side though and he took the first match 5-4 in 10 rounds. The second match began much like the first -- Nat gaining a quick 3 points in his favor before Matt finally gained a point on the board for himself. Sadly ( or luckily for Nat ) the match would not be drawn into sudden death, nor a third duel, as Nat ended the reign of Overlord Simon with a solid 5 to 2 victory in 8 rounds. (Details)

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