The 108th Overlord

Dimitrii Sixtus

With former Overlord Matt Simon having been stripped of the title and Senior Baroness, Vael Whitevale, having succesfully championed the mantle from Hope Naharis's challenge, the 108th holder for the Overlord title would be settled by a tournament of barons. Six of the seven barons joined in, with only Lirssan Sarengrave of Old Market abstaining from the competition. In the first stage of the tournament they paired off to eliminate half the field. Dimitri almost had an early exit as Sabine went quickly up to a 4-1 lead on him, but he found a rhythm in the late rounds and pulled off a 5-4 in 13 comeback win. In the other rings it was Aric Delevingne of Old Temple eliminating the senior baroness from Seaside and Hope advancing past Jewell Ravenlock of Dragon's Gate.

Stage two of the event was a round robin of the remaining three barons, with the first duel fought between Dimitrii and Hope. It was a back and forth match with the baroness of New Haven holding a couple of early leads, but then having Six bring the score back to even. They traded in the 7th and 9th rounds, bringing the score to 4-4 before Six parried a cut in the 10th and countered for the win.

The second match of the round robin saw Dimitrii against Aric. The men, both having earned their titles via challenge grants, were evenly matched. Aric drew first blood, but by round six Dimitrii was in the lead for the first time all night prior to a final round. Aric was unrelenting, beating on Six's legs with a total of four successful low cuts through the bout, but it was the high cut from the baron of Dockside that took the winning point in the 9th round. At 2-0, the final round robin bout became unnecessary and Dimitrii was crowned the 108th Overlord. (Details)

Dimitrii's first action as Overlord was in defense of loyal Baroness, Jewell Ravenlock. Stepping in against challenger Rhisnnon Brock, the young Overlord took the intercession fight by score of 5-2 in 9 rounds. (Details) Time will tell if this baronial tampering was worth it, but the immediate fallout did not go Dimitrii's way. While he may have secured the title for one loyal baron, his meddling caused two others to switch over to renegade. Once the fight was completed, Hope Naharis declared that no intercesson should be done for a baron that had not at least once defended for themselves and any Overlord that did so didn't deserve her loyalty. Terry King followed Hope in realligning. (Details) Of course, given the rules in regard to Overlords below the 15 WoL threshhold, there was some suspiscion that neither were truly loyal to Six to begin with.

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