The 1st Overlord


Gondar became the first Overlord by virtue of becoming the first person to reach a record of fifteen wins over losses. He did not challenge anyone to receive the honor, nor did he ever have the opportunity to defend it against anyone. At the time Gondar left the Duel of Swords, there was nobody in a position to challenge him for the title.

When Gondar reached fifteen wins over losses, Kairee, the proprietor of the Red Dragon Inn, declared him the first Overlord. Ironically enough, Kairee and Gondar were reported as being lovers at the time, and no one who frequented the Arena had heard of the title before it was bestowed upon Gondar. Gondar's reign ended before the first of '93. His death was also reported to have occurred around this time.

Gondar was described as a very unfriendly and evil person who had nothing to do with the creation of the Ward of Gondar, the magical force that protects the duelists of the Arena.

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