Notes from the Isle

November 12th - November 18th

-Week 5 of 9-

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Thanks to an overwhelming amount of support, the otter pup names are now up for voting here! There’s so many cute and fitting names, it’s hard to choose! Whatever is picked, we know that they’ll enjoy a protected and comfortable life here on Twilight Isle!

This past week the city held Dueler Appreciate Week, and Twilight Isle just wants to extend a resounding thank you to all of our casters! We wouldn’t be here without you coming to visit, live on, train, and cast on Twilight Isle, so from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you!! We hope to keep providing a fun and informative environment for many years to come!

Note: Salvador Delahada won Leaf on the Wind on 09/17/2023 in the Fall All Ranks tournament. This awards the usage of Elemental Fury in regulation matches until the next All Ranks tournament.


As mentioned earlier, Dueler Appreciation Week was this past week and concluded last night with an Armsgiving celebration! Did you pop by the Red Dragon Inn for some of those delicious cocktails which were inspired by the sports put out by Governor Gatito? Or maybe you participated in the weapon donation and exchange which had numerous interesting offerings! If you haven’t gotten a chance to participate in the exchange, there’s still time. Be sure to stop by Lemnos Craftworks and bring food donations!

IFL is going strong and Conner and the Line wants to know how you’re betting this IFL season! Remember to stay up to date, do your research and get those bets in, there’s money to be made! After all, you need to have funds for your Icabod plushie collection and your Gren Blockman is number one pine scented pennant!


In the Arena, fighters were out on Thursday night to enjoy the Twin Wins in the Arena, but it seems like folks are in their quiet focus times right now before issuing any more challenges. We’re confident that after one challenge is issued, another or two will follow as that’s always seemed to be the trend in the bloodsands!

In the Outback, Rachael’s efforts to become Terra Master is underway, challenging PathFinder’s Holder Droet who is also just as focused on getting an Opal defense under his belt. The challenge is set for next week, Monday November 27th! One way or another the results are sure to be groundbreaking! Are you Following the new rules? Diamond Rules that is! Diamond Salvador wants you to get out there and duel! Did you win one of the t-shirts for dueling in fists last week? Be sure to train in it in style! The Opal Excavation Week looked super successful! Thanks for running it Salvador and thanks to all who participated! Don’t forget to sign up for the All Ranks Tournament here! It takes place Saturday Night November 25! Slugfest rules so you know there will be lots of punching! Study up if you’re not familiar with the format here! Good luck everyone!

DEBUTS: No debuts this week.

ADVANCEMENTS: Mew advance to Mage!

THE RING OF KLYTUS: The holder for this cycle is VACANT! The ring grants an additional focus over the normally allotted amount, but is still limited to the maximum of 3 foci.

General Info: If you find a mistake in these standings, to select a spell upon reaching Mage, or to request reinstatement, please send a message to the DoM Standings Keeper, Max Lager. Or you may contact the DoM coordinator, Max Lager, at this address: (Forum PM)

The histories of our mystical bloodsport are chronicled at this address: (DoM Histories) Someday, you may be in these histories too! If you want to know how to get started, or what the rules for the ranks are, go here: (Game Guide) (Rules of Rank) To discuss with the Duel of Magic community, or with the entire dueling community at large, go to the corkboards, located here: (Forums)

Not listed in the current standings, but sure that you have a past record? Find your listing on the Old League of Duelists table and duel at your old rank. Just make sure you tell your opponent before the duel begins.

Current Standings Cycle Rankings

Keepers of the Isle

Celestial Keeper / ArchmageEregorGained: 2023-10-15
Keeper of AirXanth Van BokkelenGained: 2022-10-30Defended: 2023-07-13 # Defenses: 1
Keeper of EarthRachael BlackthorneGained: 2023-10-12
Keeper of FireMewGained: 2022-12-28Defended: 2023-02-11 # Defenses: 1
Keeper of WaterDroetGained: 2022-07-31Defended: 2023-07-12 # Defenses: 3
Titles in italics, above, indicate towers under challenge.
Entries in bolded purple, below, denote Keeper of Twilight Isle.
Name ForumName W L T Spells Last Dueled


[ 3 Foci ]

Eregor 73 0 0NR, IM, EF2023-11-14

~=Mage Emeritus=~

[ 3 Foci ]

Ebon Ilnaren 32 0 0NR or IM2023-08-05
Gatito Partly Cloudy53 0 0NR or IM2023-11-14
Gren Blockman 50 0 0NR or IM2023-10-31
Mairead Harker 136 0 0NR or IM2023-10-31
Rachael Blackthorne 202 0 0NR or IM, EF2023-11-14
Xanth Van Bokkelen XanthVanBokkelen116 0 0NR or IM, EF2023-11-14


[ 3 Foci ]

Amaris 17 0 0IM2023-07-18
Doran Ilnaren 16 0 0IM2023-09-09
Droet Droet the Bold45 0 0IM, EF2023-10-31
Kruger Allen Kruger15 0 0IM2023-08-07
Mew 16 1 0NR, EF2023-11-14
Michelle Montoya 41 0 0IM2023-08-07
Phil Goshawke 35 0 0NR2023-07-18
Rhiannon Brock 20 0 0NR2023-11-14
Rhys Germain 23 0 0IM2023-10-31
Royal Farron Royal34 0 0NR2023-07-18
Sal Delahada Delahada51 0 0IM2023-11-07
Sheridan Driscol BardGallant33 0 0NR2023-10-31


[ 3 Foci ]


[ 2 Foci ]

Wendu [ Mentor: Rachael Blackthorne ]6 0 02023-08-24


[ 1 Focus ]

Autumn A Ripple in Time3 0 02023-08-05
Blue Through the Door4 0 02023-08-08
Nero Zhir [ Mentor: Anya de la Rose ]3 0 02023-07-04
Nikolai Aristotle Vevea-Allen [ Mentor: Mairead Harker ]Nikolai Allen3 0 02023-09-04


[ 0 Foci ]

Abby Fenner [ Mentor: Eregor ]0 0 02023-10-19
Ambrosia Lark Ambrosia_Lark0 0 02023-07-14
Lambence Soliel 0 0 02023-07-14
Tyladi Onyxfire 1 0 02023-09-10

(ForumName above listed only when different from Character Name. ForumName in [brackets] is an RDI name and listed only when no RoH name is known.)

Cycle Ranks Through Week 5

Cycle rankings show how duelists perform over the course of the cycle, with the top performer earning the Ring of Klytus (provided they began the cycle below the rank of Mage). To balance percentage performance duelists are broken into 3 brackets based on number of duels fought, with top accolades achievable by only those in the upper tier. Duelists are ordered first by bracket, then by winning percentage, followed by the number of wins and lastly by low rank to high.

(click column headers to sort the table.)

Bracket 1: 8+ duels   |   Bracket 2: 4-7 duels   |   Bracket 3: 1-3 duels
Name Record Win % Bracket
Rachael Blackthorne 08-06-0057.14% 1
Gren Blockman 04-04-0050% 1
Sal Delahada 08-09-0047.06% 1
Rhiannon Brock 04-05-0044.44% 1
Gatito 04-08-0033.33% 1
Droet 03-01-0075% 2
Sheridan Driscol 02-00-00100% 3
Xanth Van Bokkelen 01-00-00100% 3
Mairead Harker 02-01-0066.67% 3
Mew 02-01-0066.67% 3
Eregor 01-01-0050% 3
Abby Fenner 00-01-000% 3
Rhys Germain 00-02-000% 3

Duels fought for Week 5

Date Caller Duelist 1 Result Duelist 2 Score1 Score2 Rounds
2023-11-14 Duel Bot XanthVanBokkelen .def. Mew 5 3.5 10 TwinWin
2023-11-14 Duel Bot Rachael Blackthorne .def. Eregor 5.5 3 8 TwinWin
2023-11-14 Duel Bot Rhiannon Brock .def. Partly Cloudy 6 5 9 TwinWin
2023-11-14 Duel Bot Partly Cloudy .def. Rachael Blackthorne 6 5 8 TwinWin
2023-11-14 Duel Bot Mew .def. Rhiannon Brock 5 3.5 8 TwinWin
2023-11-14 Duel Bot Mew .def. Rachael Blackthorne 5.5 3 8 TwinWin