Notes from the Isle

September 6th - September 12th

-Week 1 of 9-

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Fall 2020 All Ranks Tournament is tonight! Care to try for a cute little Foxmoth? Maybe you have your eye on the Tome of Life? There's many prizes there for the taking — you only need to join the tournament and duel for your chance to win them! The festivities begin tonight at 8 PM (ET), but be sure to show up early if you signed up early, we wouldn't want you missing your chance to participate!

We have challenge results! Jaycy, who I am still proud to note that she won her first Archmage Tournament upon becoming mage in the very same night, was unable to defeat our current reigning Archmage, Bailey Raptis! While she did gain a win in the second match to tie up the challenge 1 - 1 the Celestial Citadel would remain in Archmage Baileys' care after he took the victory in the third match to complete his defense. Well tried, Jaycy and well defended, Bailey!

Our second challenge results are from the Tower of Fire challenge between challenger Haru and the Keeper of Fire, Eden! A second defense was added to Eden's reign after she saw victory in two rounds against the challenger! We wouldn't count Haru out though and we're sure we'll be seeing him back in the challenge game soon enough!

Though the Youkai Festival had come to an end there was still a lingering Youkai who sought to face off against strong challengers! The team of Noira, Rhiannon, Eregor, Haru, and Mew answered the call and were able to defeat the Emissary of Snakes, Kazumi! With their victory the final farewells were given as the curtains close on the Youkai Festival! Well done!

NEWS FROM OTHER VENUES: FireStar has been retired! We're sure the Outback staff has something exciting in the works to bring it back into circulation! Speaking of the Outback — have you checked their Skybar Featured Drink? And it seems that Black Magic Burger is the catering choice of the month! Get a burger for yourself today!

In the Arena the 2020 End of Summer Cycle All Ranks Tournament has been announced! The Barony of Seaside is slotted as one of the prizes among the Talon of Redwin and special grants! Be sure to sign up! In Arena Challenge News we have Olaf, who is also running for City of RhyDin governor currently, defending Dockside from challenger Neekylah Lang — while the challenge of Cadentia saw Anubis defeat Morgan to claim the title. The New Haven Challenge from Bailey to Michelle has been accepted but we are still waiting for more information on the when and where! Hopefully Bailey didn't spend all his challenge luck on his Archmage defense! September 20th at 9 PM (ET) is the set date and time for the Overlord Challenge between challenger Salvador and current Overlord Hope! Currently Hope has issued a call to the Barons Council to see if she should test the challenger or not!

DEBUTS: Noira Sibreth advance to Enchanter! Mew advance to Mage!

ADVANCEMENTS: Welcome Reiko Souma and Shelby Monaro!

THE RING OF KLYTUS: The holder for this cycle is Ellie Luisante! The ring grants an additional focus over the normally allotted amount, but is still limited to the maximum of 3 foci.

General Info: If you find a mistake in these standings, to select a spell upon reaching Mage, or to request reinstatement, please send a message to the DoM Standings Keeper, Royal. Or you may contact the DoM coordinator, Max Lager, at this address: (Forum PM)

The histories of our mystical bloodsport are chronicled at this address: (DoM Histories) Someday, you may be in these histories too! If you want to know how to get started, or what the rules for the ranks are, go here: (Game Guide) (Rules of Rank) To discuss with the Duel of Magic community, or with the entire dueling community at large, go to the corkboards, located here: (Forums)

Not listed in the current standings, but sure that you have a past record? Find your listing on the Old League of Duelists table and duel at your old rank. Just make sure you tell your opponent before the duel begins.

Current Standings Cycle Rankings

Keepers of the Isle

Celestial Keeper / ArchmageBailey RaptisGained: 2020-05-05Defended: 2020-09-11 # Defenses: 2
Keeper of AirMorgan ChaeGained: 2020-06-22Defended: 2020-08-05 # Defenses: 1
Keeper of EarthMairead HarkerGained: 2020-08-22
Keeper of FireEden ParkerGained: 2020-06-13Defended: 2020-09-08 # Defenses: 2
Keeper of WaterEregorGained: 2019-12-17Defended: 2020-08-04 # Defenses: 4
Titles in italics, above, indicate towers under challenge.
Entries in bolded purple, below, denote Keeper of Twilight Isle.
Name ForumName W L T Spells Last Dueled


[ 3 Foci ]

Bailey Raptis 55 0 0NR, IM, EF2020-08-15

~=Mage Emeritus=~

[ 3 Foci ]

Bailey Raptis 55 0 0NR, IM, EF2020-08-15
Claire Gallows 69 0 0NR or IM2020-08-04
Eden Parker 77 0 0NR or IM, EF2020-08-04
Gloria Blaze 57 0 0NR or IM2020-08-17
Jesse Spell25 0 0NR or IM2020-05-19
John Cole JohnCole38 0 0NR or IM2020-05-21
Nayun Takamine Nayun23 0 0NR or IM2020-06-09
Rachael Blackthorne 110 0 0NR or IM2020-08-27
Xanth Van Bokkelen XanthVanBokkelen68 0 0NR or IM2020-08-22


[ 3 Foci ]

Atiea 15 0 0IM2020-07-30
Eregor 43 0 0NR, EF2020-08-25
Haru 19 0 0NR2020-09-10
Hope Naharis Hope23 0 0IM2020-09-12
Jaycy Alexander Jaycy Ashleana16 0 0NR2020-08-29
Mairead Harker 27 0 0NR, EF2020-08-18
Mallory Maeda Mallory41 0 0IM2020-09-02
Mart Di'luna Mart16 0 0NR2020-07-26
Mathian Shadowsoul Shadowsoul15 0 0NR2020-08-22
Matt Simon Goldglo69 0 0NR2020-08-04
Mew 16 0 02020-09-07
Michelle Montoya 36 0 0NR2020-07-14
Morgan Chae MC26 0 0IM, EF2020-09-02
Morgan LaFey 29 0 0NR2020-09-10
Neo Eternity 128 0 0NR2020-09-05
Phil Goshawke 23 0 0NR2020-05-25
Regina Wellston 24 0 0NR2020-08-31
Royal Farron Royal24 0 0NR2020-08-04
Strawberry Armstrong Strawberry15 0 0IM2020-08-18
The Sublime Bellamere Bellamere29 0 0IM2020-08-04
Venalia Dawnblade Dawnblade20 0 0IM2020-06-13
Xune Vandree Xune25 0 0NR2020-06-19


[ 3 Foci ]

Alasdair Galloway 12 0 02020-06-30
Colleen MacLeod-Fenner PrlUnicorn13 0 02020-09-12
Kheldar Drasinia Kheldar14 0 02020-06-24
Nako Iijima 12 0 02020-06-23


[ 2 Foci ]

Amaris 8 0 02020-08-01
Ebon Ilnaren 9 0 02020-09-12
Ellie Luisante [ Mentor: Mairead Harker ][ RoK ]7 0 02020-09-12
Max Lager 8 0 02020-05-26
Penny Escobar 6 0 02020-06-06
Renzo Sforza 5 0 02020-08-29
Rhiannon Brock [ Mentor: Eregor ]8 0 02020-08-25
Rhodes 5 0 02020-07-14
Sylista Convor [ Mentor: Michelle Montoya ]8 0 02020-08-22


[ 1 Focus ]

Anubis Karos 4 0 02020-09-05
Cecilia Woods 3 0 02020-05-31
Conner Reid 4 0 02020-06-25
Doran Ilnaren 3 0 02020-08-31
Fenna De Vries [ Mentor: Bailey Raptis ]2 0 02020-05-05
Kenny "KC" Chae KC4 0 02020-05-11
Luna Sanguinem 4 0 02020-09-02
Noira Sibreth Noira2 0 02020-08-27
Octavia Tarracon The Eighth Child2 0 02020-06-13
Ophelia 3 0 02020-08-18
Pearl Fand Winter Pearl2 0 02020-08-13
Sammy 2 0 02020-07-29
Szuzak Mos 3 0 02020-05-31


[ 0 Foci ]

Arla Carna 0 0 02020-08-11
Azriel 0 0 02020-05-26
Canaan Devillier Canaan1 0 02020-07-26
Charles Blackstone 0 0 02020-07-08
Daiyu Bo Black Jade0 0 02020-05-09
Felicity Lakeman 1 0 02020-08-19
Hoarfrost 0 0 02020-07-09
Isis Khepri 0 0 02020-07-31
Kairi 1 0 02020-06-09
Na-rae Takamine PC0 0 02020-06-18
Neekylah Lang 1 0 02020-08-18
Olaf von Trunk Static Rest1 0 02020-08-23
Quinn Starlight 0 0 02020-06-06
Reiko Souma 1 0 02020-09-10
Rini Chikara 1 0 02020-07-08
Shelby Monaro Shelby0 0 02020-09-10
Tilly Stanley TillyStanley1 0 02020-07-14
Yuzuki Kuwabara 1 0 02020-07-17

(ForumName above listed only when different from Character Name. ForumName in [brackets] is an RDI name and listed only when no RoH name is known.)

Cycle Ranks Through Week 1

Cycle rankings show how duelists perform over the course of the cycle, with the top performer earning the Ring of Klytus (provided they began the cycle below the rank of Mage). To balance percentage performance duelists are broken into 3 brackets based on number of duels fought, with top accolades achievable by only those in the upper tier. Duelists are ordered first by bracket, then by winning percentage, followed by the number of wins and lastly by low rank to high.

(click column headers to sort the table.)

Bracket 1: 8+ duels   |   Bracket 2: 4-7 duels   |   Bracket 3: 1-3 duels
Name Record Win % Bracket
Mew 01-00-00100% 3
Ebon Ilnaren 02-00-00100% 3
Reiko Souma 01-00-00100% 3
Morgan LaFey 01-00-00100% 3
Hope Naharis 01-00-00100% 3
Haru 00-02-000% 3
Colleen MacLeod-Fenner 00-02-000% 3
Shelby Monaro 00-01-000% 3
Ellie Luisante 00-01-000% 3

Duels fought for Week 1

Date Caller Duelist 1 Result Duelist 2 Score1 Score2 Rounds
2020-09-07 DUEL Bot Mew .def. Haru 5.5 3.5 13
2020-09-09 Boss Challenge Noira .def. Noira 5 0 5 WoLPrize
2020-09-09 Boss Challenge Rhiannon Brock .def. Rhiannon Brock 5 0 5 WoLPrize
2020-09-09 Boss Challenge Eregor .def. Eregor 5 0 5 WoLPrize
2020-09-09 Boss Challenge Mew .def. Mew 5 0 5 WoLPrize
2020-09-09 Boss Challenge Haru .def. Haru 5 0 5 WoLPrize
2020-09-10 DUEL Bot Ebon Ilnaren .def. PrlUnicorn 8.5 7 14
2020-09-10 DUEL Bot Reiko Souma .def. Haru 5 2.5 9
2020-09-10 DUEL Bot Morgan LaFey .def. Shelby 5.5 4.5 10
2020-09-12 DUEL Bot Ebon Ilnaren .def. Ellie Luisante 5.5 3.5 9
2020-09-12 DUEL Bot Hope .def. PrlUnicorn 5.5 4.5 9