Notes from the Isle

October 27th - November 2nd

-Week 1 of 9-

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Has anyone heard from the local Twilight Isle Unicorns? Royal spotted one by the dueling rings on Tuesday Night, but the unicorn ran off before she could decipher what was wrong. Feel free to contact Max or Royal if you hear anything! Thanks!

NEWS FROM OTHER VENUES: Check out the Diamond Rules for this cycle and go to the Outback on Wednesday nights!

Thursday Night at the Arena there are two pending challenges! Come out and cheer on your favorite!

DEBUTS: No debuts this week.

ADVANCEMENTS: No rank increases this week.

THE RING OF KLYTUS: The holder for this cycle is VACANT! The ring grants an additional focus over the normally allotted amount, but is still limited to the maximum of 3 foci.

General Info: If you find a mistake in these standings, to select a spell upon reaching Mage, or to request reinstatement, please send a message to the DoM Standings Keeper, DUEL Lisa. Or you may contact the DoM coordinator, Max Lager, at this address: (Forum PM)

The histories of our mystical bloodsport are chronicled at this address: (DoM Histories) Someday, you may be in these histories too! If you want to know how to get started, or what the rules for the ranks are, go here: (Game Guide) (Rules of Rank) To discuss with the Duel of Magic community, or with the entire dueling community at large, go to the corkboards, located here: (Forums)

Not listed in the current standings, but sure that you have a past record? Find your listing on the Old League of Duelists table and duel at your old rank. Just make sure you tell your opponent before the duel begins.

Current Standings Cycle Rankings

Keepers of the Isle

Celestial Keeper / ArchmageGloria BlazeGained: 2019-10-20
Keeper of AirXanth Van BokkelenGained: 2019-09-18
Keeper of EarthMallory MaedaGained: 2019-04-20
Keeper of FireVACANT
Keeper of WaterMichelle MontoyaGained: 2019-05-18
Titles in italics, above, indicate towers under challenge.
Entries in bolded purple, below, denote Keeper of Twilight Isle.
Name ForumName W L T Spells Last Dueled


[ 3 Foci ]

Gloria Blaze 52 0 0NR, IM, EF2019-10-22

~=Mage Emeritus=~

[ 3 Foci ]

Bailey Raptis 46 0 0NR or IM2019-10-16
Claire Gallows 65 0 0NR or IM2019-07-23
Eden Parker 76 0 0NR or IM2019-08-20
Gloria Blaze 52 0 0NR, IM, EF2019-10-22
Gren Blockman 34 0 0NR or IM2019-08-17
Nayun Takamine Nayun 22 0 0NR or IM2019-10-16
Rachael Blackthorne 81 0 0NR or IM2019-10-16
Xanth Van Bokkelen XanthVanBokkelen 67 0 0NR or IM, EF2019-09-07


[ 3 Foci ]

Andrea Anderson 28 0 0NR2019-08-21
Eregor 24 0 0NR2019-10-29
Hope Naharis Hope 21 0 0IM2019-08-21
Jacen Balthazar With Wicked Intent 50 0 0NR2019-10-22
Mallory Maeda Mallory 21 0 0NR, EF2019-09-07
Matt Simon Goldglo 61 0 0NR2019-10-01
Michelle Montoya 30 0 0NR, EF2019-10-10
Royal Farron Royal 18 0 0NR2019-07-28


[ 3 Foci ]

Phil Goshawke [ Mentor: Mallory ] 12 0 02019-08-15


[ 2 Foci ]

Colleen MacLeod-Fenner PrlUnicorn 8 0 02019-08-11
Mairead Harker [ Mentor: Jacen ] 7 0 02019-10-08
Max Lager 5 0 02019-08-20
Nako Iijima [ Mentor: Mallory ] 8 0 02019-10-29
Penny Escobar 5 0 02019-10-16


[ 1 Focus ]

Alasdair Galloway 3 0 02019-08-20
Amaris [ Mentor: Michelle Montoya ] 4 0 02019-08-30
Cecilia Woods 2 0 02019-09-15
Cressida Swan Love and War 2 0 02019-10-12
Hot Dog Stone Cold Hot Dog 4 0 02019-09-15
Runt 3 0 02019-08-20


[ 0 Foci ]

Ebon Ilnaren 1 0 02019-10-10
Hat 1 0 02019-09-17
Imrathion Tathar 1 0 02019-08-15
Jedi Enigmatic Intensity 0 0 02019-10-01
Jewell Ravenlock JewellRavenlock 0 0 02019-08-16
Olaf von Trunk Static Rest 1 0 02019-09-17
Rhiannon Brock [ Mentor: Eregor ] 1 0 02019-10-01

(ForumName above listed only when different from Character Name. ForumName in [brackets] is an RDI name and listed only when no RoH name is known.)

Cycle Ranks Through Week 1

Cycle rankings show how duelists perform over the course of the cycle, with the top performer earning the Ring of Klytus (provided they began the cycle below the rank of Mage). To balance percentage performance duelists are broken into 3 brackets based on number of duels fought, with top accolades achievable by only those in the upper tier. Duelists are ordered first by bracket, then by winning percentage, followed by the number of wins and lastly by low rank to high.

(click column headers to sort the table.)

Bracket 1: 8+ duels   |   Bracket 2: 4-7 duels   |   Bracket 3: 1-3 duels
Name Record Win % Bracket
Nako Iijima 01-00-00100% 3
Eregor 00-01-000% 3

Duels fought for Week 1

Date Caller Duelist 1 Result Duelist 2 Score1 Score2 Rounds
2019-10-29 DUEL Bot Nako Iijima .def. Eregor 5 2.5 8