Diamond Quest #1

The first Diamond Quest was held on January 15, 1995. What follows is the historical recap of the initial tournament and its infamous afterparty.

Diamond in the Rough

There has been a lot of excitement over in the Duel of Fists lately. Up until just a few weeks ago, the DoF didn't yet have a "top-ranked" fighter to equate to DoM's Arch-Mage or to DoS's Overlord at all. But they got the best Fist fighters together, and they had a tournament to name one of their ranks into the "Diamond" rank. Unlike the single elimination of similar DoS tournaments, this tourney was everyone vs everyone, the one with the most victories becomes the Diamond. As it turned out, two of the fighters won twice and they met for the final battle.

The final duel for the Diamond took place between PrinceFyre and Dark Axe. (On 15 Jan 1995)

At the onset of the match, although not announced officially, PrinceFyre was the favorite to win, as Dark Axe had never won a match against Fyre.

Not to be counted out however, Dark Axe provided watchers with the following:
PrinceFrye Dark Axe Results
Fancy Flip Fancy Dodge <--- each scores an adv
Jab Jab <--- each scores a point
Jumpkick LegSweep <--- no score
Jab Fancy Dodge <--- DA scores a point
Fancy Dodge LegSweep <--- DA scores a point
SpinKick Jab <--- DA scores again
Fancy Leap Chop <--- DA scores and wins

Final score: PrinceFyre 1 - Dark Axe 5

Note: One difference with DoF as opposed to DoS, in DoF when an adv. is scored, it has no point value unless the dueler scores another adv. in the next consecutive round. So the adv.'s scored by both opponents in the first round were lost.

Congratulations to Diamond Dark Axe!

The scores:

Dark Axe over JakeThrash 5 to 4 in 7

JakeThrash over Siera Red 5 to 2 in 7

Siera Red over PrinceFyre 5 to 2 in 7

Dark Axe over Siera Red 5 to 0 in 8

PrinceFyre over Dark Axe 5 to 3 in 8

PrinceFyre over JakeThrash 5 to 3 in 10

in the Diamond Quest, this left things as follows

Dark Axe 2:1

PrinceFyre 2:1

JakeThrash 1:2

Siera Red 1:2

To determine Emerald Ranks 2 and 3...

Siera Red over JakeThrash 5 to 4 in 7

To determine the Diamond...

Dark Axe over PrinceFyre 5 to 1 in 7

Rankings will now be like this...

Diamond - Dark Axe

Emerald 1st - PrinceFyre

Emerald 2nd - Siera Red

Emerald 3rd - JakeThrash

Emerald 4th - Dare Ltan1 (he was unable to participate in the tourney)

After Dark Axe won, Stephen (PrinceFyre), Siera Red, and Jake got very, very drunk, an event which prompted the very first Diamond Quest Hangover.
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